Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Winter weather update, Papakura, NZ 



It’s nearly 6.30pm on Tuesday evening and it’s dark. We’ve been experiencing superb weather over the last few days though – it’s been frosty in the mornings but clear blue skies emerge with glorious sunshine in tow.

Temperatures have been edging towards an almost tolerable 15C degrees in the early afternoon and the days are finally starting to stretch out slightly – we already have an extra 30 minutes daylight in the 5 weeks since the solstice. 


II) Cottage envy

Cottage_4 I can just picture myself arriving for the weekend and fishing from a little wooden boat on this lake.


  1. Just a weekend? I would live there.

  2. I mean arriving every weekend but yeah I get where you're coming from too, heavenly isn't it?

  3. I'll bring some wine, food too, now if I can just scrape up the plane fare every weekend....

  4. Lou -- 15 degrees sounds heavenly right now. When we hit 34 yesterday I turned to my husband and said "lets fly to New Zealand - RIGHT NOW!!"

  5. Oh and PS the all might "they" say we have another 4 or 5 days of this ahead of us - blech!!

  6. Lori wouldn't that be great - what a laugh we'd have.

    Joanne - too hot for me. I'm OK up until about 25 or 26 then I fade. Is it humid there like Auckland in summer or a bit drier?

  7. Lou - luckily we aren't as humid. Worst Christmas of my life was 1984 at my in-laws. They lived in Cambridge - I was beside myself - blech. Even being on the ocean our humidity isn't horrible.

  8. Yeah the humidity is tough - last summer we spent 3 weeks at 95%+ humidity every single day. It was almost unbearable. Especially tough when you're carrying excess weight like I do.


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