Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two for Tuesday

I) Did you know

…that if you are buried in Singapore it’s a temporary situation only? The law states that after 15 years your remains must be disinterred and either cremated or re-buried in a smaller individual plot.

So much for resting in peace.


II) Cottage envy

Doagh IslandDoagh Island, Donegal, Ireland overlooking Trawbreaga Bay


  1. Oh, Lou - that brings back so many memories. We rented a charming cottage in Connemara when we went to Ireland some years back.

    That picture brings to mind the sounds of distant bells on the cows and sheep on the hillsides, the warm smokey scent of burning peat, and the snap of a whiff of Irish breakfast tea on a chill morning.

    Thanks for that!

    P.S. I always thought burying people was kind of weird anyway. I like green burials better - at least you give something back. But nowadays, it's like burying leftovers in Tupperware - what's the point? It's just taking up space.

  2. A thatched roof? How quaint.
    I don't care what they do with me after I die. Cast me to the wind but harvest whatever can be used first. Maybe they can use my liver as a doorstop.

  3. Sounds idyllic DuPree, I love Connemara too. I agree that burial is a rather outdated idea but what I don't get is why allow it if it can't stay that way?

  4. We lost The Engineer's father's remains. His mom took possession of the ashes and we don't know what she did with them. She died 15 years later so he's lost for good. The Engineer and his sisters have possession of her ashes and darned if I know what they are going to do with them... it's all a little weird and that's the way we like it!

  5. Cottage is quaintly quaint...love it.

    The burial thing - what is the point? Not that I would care. Pretty sure it would mean nothing to me, post-burial I mean. They could shoot me off in space for all I care. Weird.

  6. I choose not to be buried. Set me out at the curb for recycling.

  7. Remind me not to die in Thailand.

    That cottage made me think of a church! Something about the roof....?

  8. So you get evicted even after death? Wow. It's tough enough burying your loved ones once...

  9. Love the cottage Lou.

    I don't like burying bodies and like the idea of disturbing them even less. Stan and I do want to have plots together, but I will be cremated, so there won't be a body in the ground.


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