Monday, January 11, 2010

Protesting yet again

I’m getting picked up any minute by a friend (actually he’s late) to go and add my voice to a protest today outside the office of the Consulate General of Japan.

Any guesses what the issue is?

No points for working out it’s whaling on the agenda yet again. It’s a protest against the illegal slaughter of whales in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary and the inaction of Japanese and New Zealand Governments to intervene and shut down the massacre.

A petition calling for a firm and diplomatic solution to whaling from both the New Zealand government and Japanese authorities will be presented to a representative of the Japanese Consul. At least the Australian government has been vocal about the recent carry on in Antarctica while my own government has been strangely quiet.

Japanese_Whaling Photo from


  1. When we lived on coastal Northern Canada (west coast) we used to go out in boats and the killer whales would swim along side us.

  2. You go girl! This is a disgusting practice, but unfortunately, they've been engaged in this for hundreds of years and their attitude is probably not going to change. Not to say we shouldn't try.

  3. Good for you, Lou!
    How we call ourselves civilized when we do these things, I'll never know!

  4. Oh Lou why don't we learn? Why don't we understand that the almighty dollar isn't going to do us a damned bit of good in the end.

  5. Good for you Lou, I'd join the protest but work is full on at the moment, NOBODY gets time off during our busy season.
    What they're doing in the name of science is nothing short of obscene.

  6. Sounds amazing froggy - orca's sometimes swim into our inner city harbour hunting stingrays, fabulous sight.

    I know jadedj I've been going to these since I was 15 and it sometimes feels fruitless. I'm very worried right now though as Japan is buying support from small broke Pacific nations etc and could be getting close to the numbers to overturn the moratorium.

    Gross eh Bob, I toned down the pic but there are are some really nasty ones available for use. Whaling is a disgrace.

    I know Lori - we're very bloody slow to learn. These magnificent creatures need our protection.

    Poor you having to work right now Lorri, I'm on week 3 off and still have another week to go yipee. Such a luxury.

  7. Wow...good for you, Lou! I hope it makes an impact...somehow. I hope lots of people show up and you're able to make a difference. I applaud you for making the effort!

  8. Kudos to you Lou. Whaling is a shame for the entire humanity. Haven't we evolved away from that barbaric practice??
    Whaling is the reason I refuse to visit my neighbour nation, Norway.


  9. Probably not a lot of impact Kathryn but I gots to keep trying :-)

    Daniel I get that countries like Norway and Japan have done this historically for food but they also probably used to beat their women with impunity - doesn't make it right and certainly doesn't mean it has to continue.


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