Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knocked down at half time

The young Australian sailor Jessica Watson is 100 days and 11,000 nautical miles into her attempt to be the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe non-stop, solo and unassisted.

In the last 24 hours she has experienced her first severe weather of the journey in the southern Atlantic. During the night Jessica and her yacht, Ella’s Pink Lady, weathered four knockdowns during an eight hour storm after being hit by a series of rogue waves up to ten metres high whipped up by hurricane force winds. A knockdown is where the mast goes below horizontal and into the sea.

Here’s the story on her website and here’s her blog if you’re interested in learning more about Jessica and her amazing adventure. Whether or not you agree that a 16 year old should be undertaking such a dangerous voyage, it certainly does make for a fascinating tale. Jessica is a young woman of extraordinary competence and mettle. She writes well and her blog updates are enjoyable and informative. Cool photos too.

Rory and I wish her the very, very best of luck for the second half of her journey. We hope the winds are fair from now on and the sun is warm and that her little boat stays safe and sound. 

Click to view and enlarge Jessica’s GPS tracking in a new window.


  1. thanks for that

    B14 and I were wondering what became of her

    her blog makes very interesting reading

    thanks heaps :)

  2. My goodness!! Best of luck to her.

  3. She is a great example to us all

  4. Thanks for the update Lou. I had actually forgotten about this brave young woman. Glad she survived those horrible trials.

  5. I can't imagine this in my wildest thoughts. I just can't. I am not known for my sense of adventure.

  6. She is truly an amazing young woman. I don't know many parents who would feel comfortable with this kind of endeavor from one so young...

    She seems very mature and competent for her age, though!


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