Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun times

I’m home after a few days away with friends. My clean bed and shower were calling me after a couple of nights of sleeping fairly rough. It’s been fun; we’ve been swimming every day and had lots of laughs. We’ve had more cocktails and more sun than is healthy but my new 2010 mantra commits me to living life to the full.

See my earlier post here for a map of the peninsula if interested.

I drew the short straw and we took my car. We drove to Tapu on Wednesday and then further up the west coast on Thursday to reach Coromandel township. On Friday we crossed the hills to get to the eastern side of the peninsula to visit Kennedy Bay and then to Whangapoua where we spent another two days exploring, swimming, sunbathing and creating sand sculptures.

We arrived back in Auckland earlier this evening and when I got home I took a 20 minute shower, made a decent coffee and put on a load of washing. Only then did I feel civilised enough to have a look at the photos I took over the last few days. My lack of photographic know how and my basic little camera do not do these interesting places proper justice but here are a few snaps anyway.

Tapu beach through Pohutukawa trees. Late afternoon.

Waikawau bay on a chilly and blustery morning.

Rural mailboxes with a church and tiny graveyard in the background.

Derelict house next to the Coromandel pub where we had lunch.

Papa-Aroha sunset.

Climbing up the gravel road towards the east and looking back west.

Half way up and looking east. At the top we were above the clouds.

The estuary at Kennedy Bay.

A corrugated iron kiwi palace.

Whangapoua beach where we got sunburned yesterday.

Chums beach. Almost completely deserted.

This piece of artwork was made by a Coromandel local and bought by me earlier today. They’re pokeko (a flightless NZ bird) and I knew it would look great hanging on my fence.


  1. Beautiful pics, impressing camera or not :) Thank you.

    I have to agree with you. When I'm off, after a few days I tend to miss my bed so much. And the coffee I'm used to!! It's horrible!
    Lately I have improved my packing though, I always bring a box of coffee! And if possible, my pillow... That takes a way the worse abstinence anyway. Silly isn't it.


  2. The photos are great. Beautiful Sunset. They are more difficult that people think. NZ is on my list of places I wish to visit.

  3. Goirgeous pictures.
    Looks like paradise.
    Glad you had a good time.

  4. wow, great pics! Glad you had fun

  5. You did pretty good with your little camera Lou.
    I would love to walk through those trees and see that beach in front of me.
    Your birds will look great in a garden.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I bet the place is just wonderful. In New Hampshire it is cold and snowy, so seeing these really makes me feel wonderful. We're completely on the other side of the globe from you! :) I am glad you had a great trip and are living life to the fullest.

  7. Live, live, live Lou! The pictures are gorgeous, as usual. If they don't do the place justice, then when Stan and I visit New Zealand, someday, I have a feeling we will need to immigrate. I love the pokeko art sculpture you purchased. Very colorful and lively.

  8. I love the scenery -- I have never been to a beach that wasn't lined with high-rise motels. It looks like you found the perfect getaway.

  9. We do have some of those too Intelliwench but not many and not outside the big cities.

  10. LOVE the photos, Lou! Especially the sunset, of course! I'm glad you and the gals had a good time, although yeah...there's nothing like the comforts of home!

    I may have to discuss with you via email your Cloudy Bay inventory there....I'm having more and more trouble finding it here!

  11. That's a bummer Kathryn - anything I can do to help just let me know.


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