Saturday, January 30, 2010

Desperate times?

A 19-year-old Kiwi university student is offering up her virginity by tender to the highest bidder on a newly started NZ auction website.

Under the heading "Relationship For Sale" in the personal section, "Unigirl" is putting herself on the block and offering up her innocence on the I Need website which is run by two Waikato men.

See the ad in a new window here.

Unigirl says she is attractive and desperate for money to pay ongoing university fees. She says she is fit, healthy, with a trim physique and has "no medical conditions of any nature". sale

Who knows whether the ad is genuine or whether it’s some kind of stunt by the website owners but if it’s real I hope she’s factored in that as prostitution is legal here in NZ the IRD would no doubt expect their tax cut out of anything she makes.


Sad? Just plain dumb? Either way, surely an interest free student loan would be far simpler?



  1. There was something like this on Craig's list I belive. Ebay usually pulls them. It may be for real, it's sad. Really sad.

  2. Compare this cretin to the young lady in the sail boat. Real or not, disgusting.

  3. Not to worry, she will sell it again next month and the month after that, and the month after that.

  4. that is sad
    she probably wouldnt tell IRD

    Think Id opt for the loan any day and yes I do have one

    whats keeping her safe and has she thought of her future hubbys (one day she may marry) feelings on this

  5. I find it sad. One would love to tell that her measure of worth is not in money or education. That she is a child of God and of infinite worth in His eyes.

  6. It's sad and dumb all at the same time.
    It shows an extreme lack of self-respect that all you have to offer is a body.

  7. Makes me sad...and angry because of all the women who knock themselves out just so they won't be seen as a piece of a--.

    She should have to turn her ovaries in, because I would hate for her to have a daughter one day.

    And as for the potential "buyers," I can't think of anything suitably nasty for them. (Well, I could, but it puts a ding in my shiny Karma.)

  8. I think it is really sad she would debase herself like that. I agree Lou, a loan is a much better choice.

  9. Hey, Lou -- hope all is well and that you're simply too busy to get in trouble here :-)
    We miss you!

  10. 青春一逝不復返,事業一失難有成。........................................

  11. I've read about that happening in the US a couple times. sex sells I guess.

  12. Hey Lou! I hope you are okay...everyone's been crazy lately, so I wouldn't feel bad about the irregular posting....I just hope everyone is well and you're just reeeally busy.

    This ad is sad on so many levels....whether it's real or a hoax. I think it's almost impossible to tell these days...but if it's real, I simply don't want to know about it!


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