Saturday, January 2, 2010

The most dangerous place on earth?

Earlier today in Lakki Marwat city in northwest Pakistan a suicide bomber drove an explosives-packed vehicle into a crowd of people watching a sports game, killing at least 75 people and wounding hundreds of others.

According to the news report I just watched, residents of the city have recently formed a militia force to try and drive the militants out of their city and I understand that the Pakistani army also continues to wage an ongoing offensive against the Taleban in the same area. Looks like these efforts may have provoked the numerous reprisals that have already killed more than 500 people in the last 2 months.

I’m obviously no expert on the Pakistan situation and I certainly don’t wish to minimise the terrible loss of life happening there already but don’t this lot have a nuclear arsenal? I worry about the ability of the fragile Pakistani government to keep their nukes secure in the face of an advancing Taliban. It’s scary stuff.


  1. Lou...keep your head down and stay in the trench.
    I have be railing against war since 1963 and it has only gotten worse.
    I was at a nice dinner party where a republican (american) was berating me for the war,
    (i love this part) because I voted for the Negro.
    I said, "man you must be putting me on." Where the hell were you in 1966?
    My Loving Daughter said "Dad I think it is time to go"
    this after her husband had already instructed me, not to listen to the man.
    I am just rambling
    I like your site and the flowers yesterday were great.
    Here in south florida a melaluca (sp) is called a punk tree, bastards are invasive, we give money to take them out. Nothing pretty about a punk. Don't care what radio station you are listing to.
    (I feel like I have lost you in this ramble)
    War is not the answer, it just encourages the
    bastards. Sorta like a punk tree in south florida.

  2. Scares the crap out of me too Lou --- watched Robin Williams newest show yesterday and he was pretending to be someone who had been asleep since 1999 - stuff really hit home especially his part about Pakistan.

  3. I too can rant against man's inhumanity to man... but I want to try and flip the coin and/or fill my mind with ideas of cooperation starting with me. One of my aims for the new year is to clutter my brain less with the downers of the world and hook up in spirit with those who remain hopeful. There's research proving how what we think influences the world around us - in a powerful way. There's an Institute of HeartMath which has done some of this research. It's about looking at our cup either half full or half empty.
    I love your blogs, Lou. They're global and they're personal. Keep it up!

  4. It does make us feel helpless doesn't it. No one is listening I fear.
    He with the biggest bomb wins?????? Define win.


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