Friday, January 15, 2010

Back again

Home again after another few days away. I’ve got sunburned yesterday (again) so I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself – I was being so careful with sun block but being in and out of the sea all day means it washes off so quick.

I’ll only inflict a couple of photos on you this time…

Whitianga_Trip 004 This was the view from my room, about 20 steps to the sand.

Whitianga_Trip 009 I took this yesterday mid afternoon. Gorgeous day, deserted beach.

Whitianga_Trip 035 Me hiding behind a big tree.


  1. Oh, Lou! Great photos! I'm sorry you got burned! Don't they make sunblock that won't swim-off??

    Love the beach...great view!

  2. Don't go thinking you've got a monopoly on nice weather -- we've gotten above freezing the past two days!


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