Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two for Tuesday

I) Housekeeping

Visitors may notice some changes at The Quiet Life. I been trying to modernise and redecorate my wee place in the sun though I can’t be bothered going as far as finding and installing a new template. Sorry.

I have re-added the Feedjit tool and will shortly try and figure out how to take my own IP address out of the equation.

I was also looking for a good world clock, I used to have one but now I can’t find it so as a consolation prize I have added a clock to let y’all know what time it is here in NZ when you visit TQL.

I spotted a cool link to previous posts thingee over at Bob’s place so though I’d hijack that idea as well. I see it’s pretty good at finding previous posts that are along the same lines which is cool.

I am slightly worried that all this stuff will slow down my page loading so please let me know if it’s a pain and I’ll trim it down. It’s mostly wank value anyway and knowing me, will likely only lead to an over interest in who’s coming and going and NOT leaving comments. Be warned.


II) Cottage envy

I bookmarked this picture jammed pack full of cottages that Vole posted about on the weekend. This is a tiny street in a village called Bridgnorth in Shropshire, England. Can you imagine living here? No doubt there’d be a quaint and cosy 500 year old pub just around the bend* with a huge open fire and exposed beams. Lovely. bridgnorth01a*Right next to the laundromat.


  1. Is that live traffic feed free or is there a charge for it? If it is free, where do I find it? Looks like it would be interesting to see how many people stop in.

  2. It's a free one biker baby. Click on my one at the bottom and go to the website - there are heaps to choose from. Some cost if you want fancy.

  3. There are several ancient pubs round the corner. Plus a mighty river and a real ale pub in the old waiting room of the revived steam railway line!

    Sorry NZ is off that Feedjit map on my page. You're all in my heart though (wanders off to find sickbucket).

  4. Nice! Maybe I'll go for that traffic feeder too... Your new clock seem to be showing computer time though, for some reason it displays MY local time to me anyway. :) Maybe there's some setting to it??


  5. Lol Vole, you're so sweet.

    Oh I see Daniel, well there's not much point in that then if it's just showing your own time for everyone. I'll have to go hunting again.

  6. The clock has exited stage left.

  7. As much as I like the look and feel of older buildings, they are definitely not wheelchair friendly....... too bad you are so far away I would definitely like to check out a pub sometime!

  8. Tarting up the old blog eh? I know the feeling.
    It loaded just fine for me.
    What an enchanting little street scene. So similar to what I love about photos from Italy. History in every brick.
    By the way I can help you with that snowmobiling detail on your bucket list but you will have to come to our cabin. Actually that could be two things on the list if you were here at Christmas time.

  9. ...and Lori if you could just organise there to be a hot air balloon (plus balloonist) and a Spanish teacher there I could kill 4 birds with one stone :-) I would so love to come to your cabin.

  10. Lou: Those cottages look lovely. BUT. The first thing I thought of was what if someone's very noisy??

    Screaming babies...barking dogs. Ya gotta really love your neighbors!

  11. Lou, I like the changes. Change is good! :)

    They all loaded fine and there were no issues that I could see. The load time was the same as it always has been for your blog.

    The cottages look lovely, but I wonder how much land each has. Do they have gardens? Maybe there is a community garden? I know when you are dreaming about these things, it shouldn't matter, but gardening is really important to me and these wouldn't be a good fit for me if they didn't have access to land I could get my hands in. I'm an earth sign, what can I do?


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