Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Spring weather update061009

We are experiencing really weird spring weather downunder this year.

There’s been lots of rain as per usual but surprisingly it is still snowing in the central plateau about 300kms south of Auckland and this means it is cold. Unseasonally cold. Normally by now our temperature would be climbing  to reach at least 17 or 18 Celsius during the day but yesterday it only got as high as 8 all day (about 45 Fahrenheit I think).  Brrrrrrrr.


II) Cottage envy

Fale In honour of the tsunami victims of a week ago I thought I would post an island style cottage this week. The death toll from the tsunami stands at 149 in Samoa (including 17 vacationing New Zealanders), with another 31 in American Samoa and 9 in Tonga.

I think this painting more likely depicts a scene from the Caribbean but the roof has a slightly Samoan ‘fale’ feel about it. It is a work by the very talented West Indian, come Australian painter David D’Aguiar. Click on the pic to go to his website.


  1. Idyllic setting for this cottage.
    Gosh the weather is changing fast in the world. We are so different than usual here too. Breaking records for heat. I is really nice though. Sunny.

  2. Yeah, gotta be something drastically wrong when Invercargill is warmer than Auckland!!!

  3. Beautiful cottage/image. Almost dream-like. I've been to the Caribbean twice, once we stayed at a place looking pretty much like this, we woke up of the windows literary shaking. The waves at breaking at the beach were enormous. Never seen anything like it!


  4. Hey Lou!
    I hope your spring warms up....and our winter stays at bay. I do believe your part'll happen...ours? Not so much. We've had a much colder than normal September...and it's a challenge to not put on the heat! But, I'm determined....


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