Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday flowers

And just like that it’s Friday evening again. I have a big night planned – a 70’s party. Yes that’s right, yet another 70’s party, this one sounds like it might be a rage. Here’s hoping.

My outfit is all sorted, I am going as a punk rocker – all leather and Union Jacks, safety pins, studded dog collar and ripped clothes. Even managed to dig out my old cherry red Docs from the ceiling space at mum and dad’s. I can hardly believe that I just spent $16 on some beautiful tights so that I can ladder them and generally skuzz them up plus a further $10 on black nail polish – I don’t remember anyone actually wearing black nail polish in the 70s (in NZ anyway) but what the heck.

Anyway down to Friday Flower business…


I saw this rhododendron in a front yard up the street a couple of weeks ago but just got around to stopping yesterday to take this pic. My procrastination means it’s now past its best unfortunately as we’ve had rain, lots of spring rain. Typical of me to bugger around.

They’re a particularly small flower. I have no idea of the variety.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Friday everyone.


  1. Definitely sounds like you're heading for a cool party. Punk. Those were the days! My four year older sis was totally into it. Sex Pistols. Sham 69. UK Subs. Tons of local amazingly crappy bands. Don't forget to bring the attitude as well Lou! :)
    I just woke up to my Friday, it's 3.5C and the sun is shining from an all clear sky. Not that bad after all.

    Enjoy the party!

  2. liked the flowers.
    never did get punk.
    it would be great to see a pic of you and the gang.

  3. I used to dress like that. It always seemed to cost a lot to look like you were dressed in shredded clothes.

  4. Wow, a 70s party sounds really great. I might still have a "costume" in the closet, disguised as part of my wardrobe! You know, the part I never wear, but can't part with. You never know, with all the Pirates of the Caribbean hype in recent years, puffy sleeves for men may just come back some day.
    I'm just saying...

  5. Although I wasn't even a teenager yet in the 1960's I absolutely love the music.
    My teen years in the 70's we not punk at all. Just spent smoking what I shouldn't have been smoking and listening to good rock music.
    Pictures, pictures please.

  6. Hope you had a BLAST - love the flowers now that ours our dying you can keep us going all winter.

  7. What a night. It's nearly lunchtime and I've just woken. My head hurts. I am 44 years old and still have not learned to drink in moderation :-(

  8. Lou, I'm really glad you had a blast. It sucks that you have to nurse the morning monster, but I bet the party was worth it.


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