Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Missing you all terribly :-(

Being kept very busy with my new second job - a night shift job in 'customer service' (service being the operative word and for some reason all my customers are named John) to make some money to buy a new puter. Let me remind y'all that I am no oil painting so at this rate I might have enough for a bottom of the range notebook by July 2014. Plus it's hell on the hips.

Kidding of course.

Still waiting to hear about warranty but me thinks the delay is not a good sign. Might have to prepare to shell out the bucks yet again so it could be a few weeks until I scrape together some cash and get back on line proper.

Can hardly believe that I am accumulating new followers during my 'sabbatical' - obviously you've not got high expectations but I heartily welcome you anyway. Rest assured I'll be back compulsively oversharing every aspect of my tiny little life within the shortest timeframe possible.

Love to all. Be careful out there. Lou


  1. Was wondering where ya vanished too.

  2. Hey my man Moko - great to 'talk' to someone again here. I'll try and stop by your place and read the latest Apocalypse Now post of yours.

  3. I was wondering also. I'm in a down mode also, must be the weather. Good luck with the computer. I've be having similer troubles. Miss the flowers.

  4. I've missed you Lou!
    What am I to do without my cottages and flowers and the general Lou-ness of your life and life in the land of the long white cloud.
    Hope you get back soon?
    Good luck with the Johns!?!?

  5. Hello out there. Glad you could poke your head in here for a quickie. Don't work too hard and get the hell off of my corner.

  6. Miss you so much Lou!! LOL I blog my heart out (ok that was a bit dramatic) and don't have any more followers -- you are silent and they still flock to you. I must learn your secret. Are they all named John???

  7. Aw, Lou!

    Hang in there, sweetie! We DO miss you....but we're a faithful bunch. Even if some time goes by, we'll always reconnect.

    You can count on it!

  8. Lou, we all miss you too! How could followers not come to you Lou? They've read such great things about you, they are just waiting for the show to start up again. Hope you get hooked back in soon!

  9. We miss you too - but don't worry. We'll be here when you return. :)

  10. Lucky you, your computer breakdown is just in time for Windows 7! Hope I'm invited to the party :-)


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