Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I haven’t slept in 2 days.

I was hoping to be much better today and because I  didn’t want to bore you, my reader, any more than necessary, I avoided mentioning to you the fall I had on Monday. 

Now though it’s reached the point where my compulsion for oversharing dictates I must do so.

On Monday evening I fell. I bruised and sprained the intercostal muscles between the ribs on my left side. It hurts. The analgesic I was first prescribed made me vomit repeatedly so I’m now taking a new one which appears to be working though I still haven’t found a way to lie down AND continue to breathe.

I spent last night standing and/or pacing watching movies most of the night. I’m so tired it is health hazardous to come anywhere near me. I only lasted the morning at work before my team begged me to go home, a request to which I ungraciously acquiesced.

I’m going to try lying down again now – wish me luck.


  1. Oh man... I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this pain right now. I hope you heal soon, and get some rest too!

  2. Sheesh, lou, i hope you feel better.
    Can you sit in a chair and recline and get some sleep?
    I'd be a bear, too, if I went without sleep.

    Feel better soon!

  3. Oh poor you! I hope you're getting better soon!


  4. I hope you went to the doc... and do as he says!! Not taking care of yourself can hit you harder again. As you know, I ended in the hospital with pneumonia because I didn't slow down soon enough. {hugs}

  5. Oh Lou that sucks.
    I am the queen of not sleeping but it isn't from pain. Poor you.
    I know of two things that work in this situation. Ice then heat. 20 minutes of each, faithfully. Even if you feel cold and don't want the ice do it anyways and the pain will relinquish it's grasp. Then the heat will relax the muscles. Then back to the ice again. Use a cloth in between your skin and the ice pack.
    BTW did this have anything to do with the 70's party you were at? I'm just asking.

  6. oh love thats awful! be kind to yourself and don't be superwoman - lets you friends know so they can help with heating wheatbags and ensuring you are fed and watered.
    Sending you lots of relaxing, healing vibes.

  7. Lou - look after yourself and make the boy look after you even more! Intercostals can take a long time to heal, so don't rush back to work.

  8. Lou, I'm so sorry; take care of yourself. Don't push yourself too hard, let yourself have time to heal. Here is hoping you can get some sleep soon!

  9. Oh, I'm so sorry you're hurt! I'm hoping you've passed out and are sleeping a deep, dreamless sleep. That'll help to heal you.
    Don't you hate it when the meds make you feel worse than you did before?
    Feel better soon!


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