Saturday, October 3, 2009

More hip marketing from Microsoft

Has anyone been watching the ‘party’ marketing plan for Windows 7 which is due for launch later this month?

This instructional video is so bad I initially thought it must be a spoof but apparently not. It is long but you’ll get enough of the picture in the first minute or two so there’s no need to inflict the whole revoltingly perky thing on yourself. There’s a lot of talk of ‘activities’ and lots of over-acting.

Is it for real? Have any of you American bloggers who read here signed up to host a Windows 7 party? I see there’s free promotional material and gifts etc supplied to hosts. You too could have all your friends over and do activities with them until they beg for mercy.


  1. I kept waiting for them to start cooking with the Magic Bullet.


  2. This is almost embarrassing. The most amateurish "professional" piece of crap I've ever seen. I actually saw as mike overhead in one scene. And where did they get these dork actors...from the human resources department at Microsoft? Then there's the dialog...puke. I particularly liked the line, "but first you may want to install Windows 7 ha ha ha ha." Bet that had em rolling on the floor in the MS board room.

    Yes indeed, Windows 7...the talk of my neighborhood. Basically makes me want to switch to Apple.

  3. I am a computer teacher so this is right up my alley. Wow.
    Plus I entertain all the time so a party is perfect.
    There was just one thing missing though. The giant freaking bottle of tequila I would need to get through this party.

  4. Haven't seen that commercial before... I don't think I've missed anything. I hate this, do they seriously regard me as totally stupid. A party?? It's humiliating!
    "Ultimate Software". Please allow me to doubt this. If it wasn't for the comparability issues I'd still be running win98. Since then it's been nothing but troubles and updates. What if cars were made the same way???

  5. I just bought an Apple MacBook Pro notebook yesterday.... I think I made a good choice! lol

  6. OK I can take that as a 'No' then? ROFL - I agree Lori, mucho tequila required to get through this torture. And yes I'm thinking good choice Dorrie.

  7. Lou, the video is awful. I can't imagine what made them think this was helpful or a good marketing strategy. Is there anything stronger than tequila?

  8. Wow. What a terrific idea for a theme party. I can't wait to host one. :) We can drink "New Coke", all wear parachute pants, and dance the Macarena. We'll have slap bracelets and koosh balls for party favors and tamagotchis for door prizes! What fun!
    I'd need tequila and a lobotomy to enjoy that.
    Another successful ad strategy from the folks at MicroSnore...

  9. Lol Kyle and Stan Microsnore is right!

  10. Hysterical. All I kept picturing was the marketing guys:
    "Okay. So, we'll need an african american, a senior citizen, a woman and a middle-class white guy. Yeah, that should about cover all our demographics."
    I must live under a rock, 'cause I haven't seen this before now!

  11. If I hear of anyone I know hosting such a party, I will put my shoes on, walk over and smack them until they come back to their senses.


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