Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mellow sounds

Dub? Reggae? Soul? I have no idea what to call it but I like it. To me Fat Freddy is the sound of the kiwi summer.


  1. I forget that your summertime is in full swing! I liked the music, especially the instrumentation. Now I'm hungry for fish & chips, too...

  2. Yes it's lovely and warm here intelliwench. We have a temperate climate so not too hot. In Auckland the average summer day is about 26-28C (80ish in your speak I think) though it can get very humid here.

  3. I liked the sound. Good memories of days I spent in Jamaica.

  4. I can picture sitting on a sunny patio with this playing, good friends, pinot grigio, appetizers, sunglasses.
    Sigh. It is cold and raining here of course.
    Have one for me.

  5. Happy Christmas Lou. I'm getting smug texts from my NZ family and friends. It's -7˚ here and bitter: my friend Emma has just been surfing down near you (relatively near: one of the NZ islands).

    Thanks for your blog this year. It's been a real pleasure.

  6. I've never been there Chimp - one day I will.

    Yeah Lori, that's what planned for tomorrow night actually.

    Thanks Vole, have a great Christmas; stay warm.


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