Monday, December 7, 2009

Aww shucks Kyle

It’s award time again folks and I’m delighted and flattered to accept this award bestowed on me by Kyle from Out Left.


Kyle is a creative type who lives and works in stunning New Hampshire with his partner Stan. He and Stan are passionate about their 19th century home and beautiful gardens of which we occasionally get to see photos. Kyle is also a movie buff and provides great reviews for those of us who need a bit of guidance. 



Apparently I am supposed to share 5 things that I enjoy before passing this award on to more worthy recipients.

Friends: There’s nothing I like more than settling down in comfy chairs for a good catch up with a friend. It’s even better when we can relax over a chilled and fruity Sauvignon Blanc. 

Food: Be it Middle Eastern or Italian or Thai or Greek or Indian – you name it I love it. The more flavoursome the better.

Learning: I undertake some formal learning every year and right now I should be working on a presentation that I’ll deliver on the 17th as part of  my current objective which is a diploma in Public Sector Leadership.  I’m nearly half way through this now after working on it part time for the last 6 months.

Coffee: Love it, can’t live without it.

Books: I’m afraid to say I’m not intelligentsia; for me it’s about a great story that’s not a chore to read. My favourite authors are Margaret Attwood, Sebastian Faulks and Wally Lamb.

And now to the fun part. I’ve made lots of new friends blogging but here are some of my favourite gals. Always great for a laugh are…

At the next two sites I do more lurking than commenting due to the intimidation factor, but whether they know it or not I always read and greatly enjoy their wit and intelligence.

Thanks to you all for brightening my days. I’ll pop a comment on your latest post to let you know about this. Sorry to those of you who don’t want such awards – do with it what you will.


  1. Awww, thanks Lou. I am proud to be in your circle of friends, especially with such great bloggers. (I wrote boogers first)
    I would love a glass of the Sauv. I will happily join you in any of those foods and we can discuss Wally Lamb, I see he has a new book out. I saw a Christmas wreath on the cover but didn't have time to look at it.
    Oh yes, and the coffee, very strong, very dark and nothing else in it.

  2. Yes I've seen the new book too but haven't bought it yet - hoping maybe to get it for Xmas from someone...never know my luck.

  3. Intimidation?
    I'm taking that as a compliment.
    And I wholeheartedly agree with your philosophy - any day above ground . . .

  4. Aw, Lou! Thank you so much! I really appreciate the shout-out! I am severaly behind in posting my awards (God, that sounds sooo stuck up, I don't mean it to be!), but I'm waiting for a friend to show me a more creative way to get 'em up properly. I gratefully accept this...and congrats to YOU for receiving it. Oh, and congrats to the other recipients as well.
    (BTW: Love your impatient Santa...he's waiting for me to finish commenting, I think!)

  5. Lou, I gracefully and gratefully accept. I'll actually get around to doing something about it eventually :-)

    Now stop lurking and join the fray more often!You're the far more deserving recipient, I think.

  6. It was certainly meant that way PENolan. He's cute eh Kathryn? I just had to have him. I do try Intelliwench but I'm self conscious about sounding like a doofus so I slink off :-)

  7. Some people who comment on intelli's blog make it a point to sound like a doofus

  8. Congrats, I really enjoy your blog!

  9. PE, present company excluded, eh?

    Lou, congrats and I must say, you have a fine circle of friends there, some of whom are also mine. I intend to check out the others.

  10. Aww Lou - my first time on the blogs since my last post and I am so touched and pleased. I adore you too. I will do a pass on for this award ASAP and a lovely NZ Sauv Blanc sounds on the couch talking to you in person sounds like a heavenly afternoon -- Lori you need to get to NZ and soon!!!

  11. Thanks Greg - welcome any time.

    JadedJ nice to see you over here on The Quiet Side - you don't often darken my door these days.

    You're very welcome lovely lady J. It would be fun, *sigh* one day maybe.


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