Saturday, December 12, 2009


I just can’t seem to summon any enthusiasm at all about Christmas this year. It’s the 12th today and not one decoration is up; no tree, no window dressings, no wreath on the door. Thankfully I have at least done my Christmas shopping.

My health problems are getting me down and to add to the general misery work is so freakin’ busy and I now need to be away on Monday and Tuesday  again but I have this huge presentation to deliver on Thursday as part of my study and I haven’t even finished it yet – eeeeeeeeeeeek!!

I’m barely keeping panic at bay.

I wasted a whole day off work yesterday when I should have been working on my presentation. We had our Christmas work function on Thursday night and I drank far too many margaritas and consequently had a very sore head. I didn’t do anything except sleep and feel sorry for myself all day yesterday. The work do was great though; dinner and drag cabaret – heaps of fun.


It’s my sister-in-laws 40th birthday party tonight but there’ll be no drinking for me so I’m dedicating Sunday (tomorrow) to be a study day. A good productive day should help me feel a bit more in control.

Sorry for being a whiney Grinch.


  1. Lou, think of one special thing you want to get done. Just one, and do that. After that choose one more special thing.
    Don't think of it as a big to do list. Drop the things that will not really matter. No tree? How about a really big poinsettia and a big candle. Keep it as simple as possible.
    I found when my sons reached their teens Christmas lost a lot of that excitement for me too.

  2. you have to change the title of your blog... a "quiet life" you don't have.... or is it a wish? ;-)

  3. Lou it is good to read your voice.
    I can't help with the other, but...
    nuff said

    please don't give into the pain.
    this is lame
    but it might be my game?
    still the same
    I wish you well.

  4. My very best to you and yours. Try to do the best you can and don't worry if everything doesn't get done. Just relax and take care of yourself. That's the best holiday gift you can give everyone. :)

  5. I agree with Lori. Just work on one task at a time. The whole lot can seem overwhelming, so take it slow.
    And breathe.
    And take care of yourself. I need my Land Of The Long White Cloud fix.


  6. We all have our days, Lou - no need to qualify or apologize.

    Be good to yourself and your son - and do whatever you need to feel better. Most other pressures and expectations are bollocks when it comes to your health and happiness - put em off.

    Snuggle up, have a nap - and feel better.

  7. I went to see Santa about all this, and he says everything will be all right :-)

  8. Lou, sorry you are having a tough time right now. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by it all; it feeds on itself. Focus on one issue at a time. You get done what you can. Above all else, take care of yourself.

  9. Oh, sweetie....I'm sorry you're under so much stress! It's not freakin' fair! How are you supposed to be all relaxed and merry with all this crap to do????

    I think you are MORE THAN entitled to grump a bit!


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