Monday, December 14, 2009

Another decade down

I know that purists will say that the decade isn’t over until the end of 2010 but it’s my blog and I say now’s the right time for a review of the first decade of the 21st century.

Here are some of the highlights according to Louise.


2000: I started the year in between jobs but with definite prospects so no real concerns. I had a 7 year old son, no man (some things never change) and I had my eye on a house that I coveted for my very first ownership experience.  At one stage that year Rory got airlifted off his dad’s yacht after getting hit in the head by the boom – scary stuff, he didn’t know anyone for hours afterwards. The year ended with me and Rory settled into the new house, a promotion at work, a boyfriend of sorts and a brand new nephew. A perplexing choice (in my opinion) was made made by the American electorate but it was a very good year all in all.

2001: My best friend moved to Australia and the boyfriend became an ex. Horrible happenings in the US. The only bright side was that a lovely puppy, later named Bonnie, was born and adopted by yours truly. I quit smoking that year and lasted 8 months before falling off the wagon. Rory racked up over 40,000 kilometres in flights between Auckland and his dad’s place in Perth, Western Australia. I went nowhere.

2002: Met another cheating jerk. Swore off men forever.

2003: Menopause. At 37 years old. Rory turned 10 and to celebrate his dad took him to Africa to explore for 3 months. I cried myself to sleep every night from missing him though the grief did great things for my career as I worked 15 hours a day and earned another promotion. The US declared war on Iraq – I remember something about WMD? My older sister was very ill but thankfully recovered fully. I got away briefly at the end of the year to spend time (and money) with my friend in Victoria, Australia.

2004: Got to Thailand again this year – one of my very fave places to escape the kiwi winter. Also got in another visit to Victoria. Another nephew born – that made four but still no nieces. Everything else was bad that year - horrible happenings, this time in Spain and atrocities continued in Darfur. And then that catastrophic tsunami on Boxing Day to finish the year.

2005: Finally quit chewing my nails to mark my 40th birthday. Katrina struck. It was 10 years since we lost my sister so we had a party to remember her by. Rory spent Christmas snowboarding in Japan with his dad – it was my first Christmas without him and it was hard.

2006: Rory started high school. Saddam Hussein was hanged and Steve Irwin got stabbed by a stingray. Crikey.

2007: Sinn Fein and the DUP hammered out an agreement for a power-sharing government in northern Ireland. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Rory’s dad moved back to NZ and for the first time ever we did the every second weekend part time dad thing – I started to remember what a real social life was like. I drank too much.

2008: Quit smoking again (18 months now and still going strong). Got addicted to Facebook. The Kiwis won the Rugby League World Cup and the hottest tennis player ever, Rafael Nadal, is ranked #1. Somali entrepreneurs found their niche in the piracy business. I met a man with real potential until the day he slammed Rory against a wall for looking at him sideways. Got a couple of long weekends away in Australia. Started new role managing projects at work and commuting to Wellington city twice a week.  Rory had a tumour removed from inside his jaw – it was benign. I spent most of the year exhausted. Bought new house and moved in just before Christmas. Whew, what  a year!

2009: Started the year with a new pastime – blogging. Met lots of wonderful new friends. There were terrible bushfires in Victoria so I went to console my friend. Witnessed a terrible car accident. Started reading about Tao Buddhism. Centre-right government elected in NZ for the first time in many years. I bought a lovely new car. A never ending cycle of study. Rory turned 16 and attended his first school ball, my mum and dad both turned 70, dad retired finally and my youngest nephew started school – still no nieces, have given up on that ever happening now. 

Rory and Sean






…and here we are nearly at the very end of 2009. That was my decade in brief; how about sharing yours?



Happy Christmas everyone.


  1. This will be a hard one, but I think I'll give it a try before the year is out.
    Loved reading about your trials and tribulations and joys and sorrows; some remind me of my own experiences, and others shed new light of the joy that is Lou.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. My goodness! Let's see.
    The twins were 14, Gorilla Boy was 10. We had a big bonfire in our old bbq for the neighborhood tribe of kids at midnight as it turned to 2000.
    Since then -
    Eldest had six hospitalizations with four collapsed lungs and three operations, got tested for MS and Lou Gehrigs (talk about terrified - that lasted for an entire fall).
    Daughter actually left home, graduated from university and bounced back again.
    Gorilla Boy ended up in physical therapy numerous times with shoulder, neck, knee, broken ankle, two concussions - and finally had to leave football (thank goodness and he was very happy to become after school computer techy).
    I got 95% of a masters in education, tried three times to do student teaching - body protested by turning itself inside out - listened and found out I'm a great tutor - one on one is the way to go for me and my Lost Boys.
    The Engineer keeps us all supported and very happy!

  3. This is a great idea Lou. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your life over that decade. I need to think more intently about mine though.

    Actually, it is blowing me away that we are almost to 2010.

  4. Lou if I could remember numbers at all I would make a list. I know what has gone on in my life in the last decade but for the life of me I can't put a number (year) to anything. Just a little problem I have.
    I do feel I have gotten to know more about you in this post than in any and all over the past months.
    I love to see how every year you have grown and made life changes to improve your quality of life for your son and for you.
    It just occured to me Lou, you deserve an Atta Girl Award. The quitting smoking is enough to earn it right there but you really are someone who strives to do better in every aspect of your life. Please come by and pick up your award. Atta Girl!

  5. Thanks Bob, you're a sweetheart. Big hugs across the waves.

    Wow froggy, what a decade. Trust your kids are all fighting fit again now. Lucky you having the Engineer.

    I look forward to it jadedj.

    Gee thanks Lori, don't mind if I do. I'll pop over shortly :-)

  6. Wow that is very cool Lou - it hadn't even dawned on me that we are closing in on the end of the decade. So much fuss in 1999 (remember Y2K???). I think I will write this down and work on it when things settle down here.

    Loved getting to know you even better.

  7. Hmmm....
    2000 - I don't remember
    2001 - Dale was given his terminal dx
    2002 - became a widow
    2003 - moved back to an apartment with my 14 year old
    2004 - began dating and met my future husband
    2005 - LDR, then Bill moved back and moved in
    2006 - got custody of Em, quit my management job, started studying for my insurance gig
    2007 - became a financial advisor and got married
    2008 - more of the same
    2009 - quit my advisor role, and now I am starting over. 2010 should be a good year!

  8. OHMYGOD, Lou! What an amazing post this was! I loved learning more about you....(I mean, REALLY learning about you...not like in awards questions) You have had quite an amazing decade...haven't you?

    I'm looking forward to the new decade...this past one has been h-a-r-d.

  9. This sounds like a good idea. Wednesday is my last day of school for this semester and I'll be off for a month. Maybe after I get caught up on all the things I need to do, I'll have to give it a try.

  10. I know Joanne, it only dawned on me a couple of weeks ago too. Everyone was talking about a year end wrap up post wise when I thought how about the decade in brief? Quite inspired I thought *blowing own trumpet*

    What a decade for you Kate. The lowest lows and the brightest of bright. I agree that 2010 is a whole fresh start - 'cause we deserve it.

    Kathryn I agree this is sharing on a whole new scale even for me :-) It was cathartic, you should try it.

    I'll look forward to reading it biker baby. I have just under a month off starting next Wednesday *squeals with excitement*


    "in sparsity veritas"

  11. You certainly had an adventure over the past 10 years, thanks for sharing your story. I feel like I know you a little better because of it. Have a great holiday!

  12. Whan an eventful life you have lead over the last 10 years. Its the first time I've stumbled across your blog but I doubt it will be the last...

    I've also copied your side-bar santa - love it!

    Take care x

  13. Thanks Greg, you too.

    Welcome jojo, stop by anytime. New friends always welcome.


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