Thursday, May 6, 2010

Great movie montages

I re-watched Rocky 2 the other night for about the tenth time and was wholeheartedly enjoying the training montage as always. I know it’s silly but I love the way it builds in intensity. If I remember rightly the one in Rocky 4 is pretty great too – that’s the one in the snow in Russia.

A great movie montage is an invigorating thing, especially in a sports movie, and it got me thinking about other great movie montages.

Here’s another classic.

…and here’s a heart warming one from the wonderful Slumdog Millionaire. These kids are so adorable. I loved this movie.

What are your favourites?


  1. You're alive!.

    Was thinking about you today. Just wondering where you were cause I hadn't seen ya on Twitter for awhile and ... POW. HERE ya be.

    I haven't seen Slumdog yet. Must make an effort.

  2. The original Rocky was filmed here in Hope, B.C. where my dad lived at the time. It was fun to see all the false buildings set up.
    I can't think of just one. Honestly I am rarely that involved in watching a movie but usually have it on in the background of whatever else I am doing at the time.

  3. Lou, all is well with the're still here!

    Although I thought the movie in toto was a bit schmaltzy, Dr. Zhivago's trek home through the snow was a great film montage. I get frost bite just thinking about.

    I'll have to check out Slumdog.

  4. Oh thank you for putting that song in my head. lol

  5. I like The Bluesbrothers, Caddy Shack and A Christmas Story


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