Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hey peeps

Thought I'd pop in to say quick gidday to anyone who bothers to stop by here and to have a quick lurk around some of my favourite blogs. 


News in brief: Yours truly turned 45 a couple of weeks ago, took it hard I must confess. Much consumption of strong drink and funny smelling cigarettes was required that day/week (well it's ongoing actually). Speaking of ageing, life is cruel you know, I used to ingest chemicals to blur the lines of reality, now, all I have to do is take off my glasses. 

On the topic of cigarettes (a while back I acknowledge, stay with me people), I passed my 2 year smokefree milestone - yayyy for me!

On a more serious note I nearly lost another sister a  couple of months back but thankfully she survived the ravages of a terrifying affliction called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Thank the gods that medical treatment is top-knotch (and free) here. 

Currently getting my head around the fact that I will soon no longer have school age offspring; the boy finishes high school in a couple of months then on to university next year - this is good and bad; great that he's miraculously not a drop out (statistically speaking 'they' tell me he should be a dole-bludging crackhead having been raised in the evil environs of south Auckland by a cash strapped single parent), not so great that I'm inching ever more quickly towards decrepitude (please forgive the age related whinyness; the birthday is still raw). 

I did almost manage to get away for a couple of weeks to South Pacific island (Fiji to be specific), the plan was to up the vitamin D quota over the long, dreary, wet NZ winter but finances just wouldn't allow it. Booked it all but had to cancel when a big unexpected bill arrived. I just know there'll be swim up bars and margaritas in heaven ahhhh. Not actually sure why I included that 'non news' in my news update - obviously not a lot of real news to share. Sad. 

That's about it for now folks, oh yeah nearly forgot, big fucking earthquake down country in the early hours of this morning, mucho property damage I hear though thankfully no loss of life. 

Spring has sprung here in the land of the kiwi (and various other flightless birds) and there are smiles to be seen about town again - onwards and upwards. Love Lou. 

PS Sorry about the surfeit of parentheses (an indicator of poor education so I'm told), I just can't fight it. Ohhh that reminds me yet again - I got my diploma (remember the one that I bitched on about for a year?), big double yayyy for me. Not a real flash diploma you understand - but an accomplishment by my standards. 


EDIT: PPS Not a good day for tourists in NZ, I hear that a small sightseeing plane has crashed and burned with none of the 9 passengers and crew surviving. 


  1. I was real happy you stopped by today, Lou, and glad you posted again.
    Life is moving at a good clip for you, but 45?
    That ain't nothing!
    Glad all seems well, and harried, and you survived the quake and the birthday!

  2. Thanks Bob, it feel surprisingly nice to be back actually. Didn't realise how much I'd missed that "You have a comment" e-mail notification.

  3. Oh girl 45 ain't nuttin. You know what I wouldn't go back a day. My sons are 23 and 27 and our dog is nearly done at 13. My husband can take care of himself and I don't have any thing or any one to take care of but myself and I just love it.
    Embrace the age and the future. Can't go back so move forward.
    I have really missed your interesting posts and your fun posts. I think of you when I see a cottage.
    You dream of your cottage and I dream of Italy. Who knows. Glad you stopped by.

  4. 45... you baby you!

    I hope you survived the earthquake without much damage! Heard it was a biggy.

    Yes, heard about the crash as well. I wonder, skydivers AND tourists on board? hmmmm one of the touries was a German I heard...

    glad you posted again.

  5. Hello there! Nice to have some updates from you.

    Yup life is steaming ahead, whether we want it or not. I'm about to reach that same age-milestone next summer, I've already started to search for a suitable stone to crawl under. Some time ago I got hold up at work and arrived home a little later than expected the kids had gone worried. "Dad you're o-l-d. Anything can happen!" the youngest said, dead serious. Not exactly what I wanted to hear... :/


  6. Great to hear from you Lou. I looked for a update from you a few days ago and now here you are. Sounds like life is going along as planned. (Not by you but by life? (the surfeit of parentheses, did not realize it had something to do with education quality (i thought it shows more a way of thinking, more like a side bar, (maybe stream of consciousness))))
    Let us know about spring as it opens in NZ.

  7. I'd love to be 45 again. I got 7 years on you. I'm ok with it.

    I graduate in Dec and I can't wait.

    I've been smoke free for 12 years.

  8. Welcome back, and happy birthday - you've really been through the mill, but at least some good things have happened too, such as your son's graduation. Onwards and upwards! And keep blogging…

  9. I'm seven months older than you! I'm just now starting to feel middle aged, but life is so much calmer these days. I don't mind it. Much.

  10. OMG Lou just thinking about you this morning - not even about the earthquake something else altogether. Then I see your lovely note on my blog and now read your catchup. Missed you and happy belated BD you young youngster!!!

  11. Lovely to hear from you all, as I said to Bob, I didn't actually realise how much I'd missed the camaraderie here. It's nice to be back, though I still need to establish exactly what the purpose of my blog is. I think I got very aimless and then it became hard to maintain the discipline to keep updating regularly, I will try harder :-)

  12. I was surprised but happy that you stopped by my place. I hope we hear more from you soon.

    Love the glasses line...and it's so true.

    Good for you for the two year non-smoking mark! You've got it made now. I have been off the weed for 10 years, and can't believe I smoked for 35 years.

    As to the 45 landmark...the alternative is somewhat unpleasant, methinks. Someone said to me recently, "inside every old man is a young man wondering WTF happen."

  13. That's a very good point j about the not so happy alternative to advancing in years - you've given me food for thought there.

  14. Oh, Lou! I've missed you! I'm glad to hear that you were not personally affected by the earthquake but it sounds like you're grappling with your own demons.

    Honey, 45 is the new 35. You know this, right? And don't forget: It's really true that you're as old as you feel. My dad is 80 and listens to his iPod and surfs the internet. I've personally lopped 10 years off my age in my mind...I simply refuse to get any older.

    (BTW: Suze Orman said the other day that 61 was young...and that at 61, you probably had a good 30-35 years left based on today's life expectancy. Does that help??)

  15. Hey there Lou!

    Thanks for the visit. I'm glad to see you back! You sound busy. Guess that is a good thing? Good for you on the two year non-smoking mark! No small thing. Sorry you had to cancel the trip. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be right now. Hope you get to go soon.

  16. Hey Girl
    Love the new look.

    I have to say that I'm loving my empty nest. It was weird at first, for sure, but I appreciate the quiet time. Also, I'm pretty sure that kids become totally unbearable during their senior year of high school just so you're delighted to help them pack.

    Love and Light to you and your sister


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