Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday flowers

I went to a wedding ceremony in a local park last weekend and thought of my blog when I saw the autumn colours on this tree. Unfortunately my basic little camera didn’t do the vibrant yellow justice but I trust you get the idea.

Autumn here is quite wet usually so this bride and groom were very brave counting on a dry day – I’m very pleased to report they got it and the sun even made its way out for most of the ceremony too.

I know it’s not exactly flowers Punch but I hope this works for you.


  1. Thanks for the pleasent view of NZ. I hope the couple is happy for years and years and years.

  2. Hi

    Yes thank you for the view of NZ. I think it is beautiful there. I'm from South African and it seems like we have the same seasons... Summer is over ~sighs~ and winter is approaching. I don't like winter, but it can't be summer all the time.

    Nice blog you have here. I will be following from today. :)

  3. What a gorgeous park!
    I love how your trees are going yellows and reds and oranges, and ours are beginning to bloom.

  4. That's a nice park Lou! Looks like a great place to have a wedding. Even if the colors are muted, they are still beautiful. Thanks for the glimpse of your autumn.

  5. This is actually quite beautiful. What a lovely place for a wedding.

  6. I love this park! It's incomprehensible to me to imagine winter just yet...I do believe we're still struggling to maintain some semblance of spring. I hope you're doing okay, sweetie. You've been awfully quiet...

  7. Quiet yes Kathryn, not much to say and so very very busy that I can't seem to make the time. I'm more disappointed by my inability to make time for browsing my favourites.


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