Friday, October 29, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire freakin' bad

I don't really aspire to billionaire status but as I start to look for some cute summer sandals, I just wish that the bottom end of the market wasn't my only viable option.

Plenty more fabulous stuff where these came from on the wonderfully comprehensive fashion site

Check out some of these beauties.
Christian Louboutin


Dolce and Gabbana

Jimmy Choo


  1. The D and Gs are my absolute favourite *drool*

  2. Er. Perhaps this is typically male, but they just all look so impractical and damaging to muscles and skeleton. Am I missing the point?

  3. Not really my type of shoes, I admit that. The billion is though.
    Unfortunately I failed in my first one, now I'm hoping for better luck in collecting billion #2 instead.


  4. Every single one of these made me cry -- but I am looking forward to being able to wear Birkenstocks so that's where my mind set is.

    PS glad to hear you really don't aspire to be a billionaire -- comfortable thousandaire is more our style (I think)

  5. Yes and no Vole. Impractical? Perhaps. Beautiful? Certainly.

    Daniel, good luck with that :-D

    Me too Bob - stunning aren't they?

    Joanne, good luck with your recovery

  6. I suspect I would walk around in flats ( and comfy ones at that) and have something like this ecreted in my bag to whip out and on when it may have the desired all I need is a sugar daddy to supply such lusties for me.. I will share if I find one - any takers??

  7. Let me know if you find one Maggs, wouldn't it be fun? I would feel like a million dollars walking into a party wearing any of these shoes.

  8. I am not a shoe lover. First thing I do is kick them off. Now the money.....well count me in for that.

  9. hey remember me when you become the best dressed billionaire!


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