Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday flowers

Check out this fantastic bonsai azalea by Phillippe Massard.

The beautiful pink and white blooms and their sheer profusion makes me sigh with wonder. There's another pretty rhododendron and lots of incredible bonsai trees at this great site if you're interested.

I've been dabbling in a small way with bonsai for years (with very mixed results) but I'd love to get in to it properly. There's something about miniature things that just rocks my boat - perhaps it reminds me of running my doll house with military precision as a girl or maybe it's the empowerment that comes with feeling like a giant.

Whatever it is, bonsai fascinates me.


  1. Carlos loves bonsais--we have a couple--but that one is amazing!

    I've missed your Friday Flowers.
    Glad you, and they, are back.

  2. Thanks Bob.

    I've been inspired by this beautiful plant and signed up for a monthly workshop with a bonsai master who lives in the same city as me. I can't wait to meet Bonsai Bob - he sounds like quite a character.

    Check out his website at

    Maybe in a few months/years I'll have a tree I won't be ashamed to photograph and publish here.

  3. Weather permitting, I am off to the Mt Coo-tha Gardens today, there is a wonderful bonsai house there, if I get there I will get some photos of some of the beauties there for you.


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